Groodles (Gold Coast QLD)

• Available for homing approx August 2023 (transport available)
• Videos available approximately 1 week prior to homing.
• Parents: Willow and Teddy
• Colour: Light to dark golden or brown coat.
• Size: As adults, they are expected to be approx. 50-60cm tall at shoulder height and approx. 20-30kg.
• Health: Our parent dogs are DNA tested for genetic diseases.
• Price: Approx $4000 - $6000

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Groodles (Central Coast NSW)

• Available for homing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2022 (transport available)
• Videos available approximately 1 week prior to homing.
• Parents: Lara and Red
• Colour: Light to dark golden or brown coat.
• Size: As adults, they are expected to be approx. 45-55cm tall at shoulder height and approx. 15-25kg.
• Health: Our parent dogs are DNA tested for genetic diseases.
• Price: Approx $4000 - $6000

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• We are a full member of the "Responsible Pet Breeders Association". Full members have had a thorough site inspection completed by a registered vet (beware of probationary members).
• Our trusted vet is "Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery" and they regularly conduct site visits.
• Gold Coast City Council have also inspected our property and issued us an official breeders permit.
• Our website and gumtree account have been active for many years (beware of recently created accounts).
• We only take a deposit in advance through PayPal (you can also pay with a credit card) - PayPal offers consumer guarantees to avoid scams.
• Queensland Dog Breeder Register Supply Number: BIN0003274180712

• People who have made an advance deposit for the next litter will be invited to pick a puppy first when videos are available (at approximately 5-6 weeks of age).
• Then, if there are puppies still available, we will notify everyone on our contact list who will be invited to make a depost.
• Puppy pick-up is scheduled at approximately 8 weeks of age.
• Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange a meet prior due to quarantine and security reasons. However, you can select a different pup at pick-up (if others are available).

The price of each litter can vary due to the size of the litter, expenses and current market value of other reputable breeders (which is important to prevent re-selling). Our expenses are generally higher as we employ staff and maintain a dedicated puppy facility to give our dogs the best quality of life.

You can secure a puppy with a small deposit. The remaining balance is payable upon pick-up (if you require transport please see below). Please bring the balance payment in cash. If you would prefer to do a bank transfer via your banking app on the day, we will need to take a photo of your drivers license.


If you require transport to be arranged for your puppy, please email us for approval prior to making a deposit. Please note that payment needs to be made in advance prior to departure via a bank transfer to our Commonwealth Bank account (all Australian bank accounts are fully traceable for your security).

TRANSPORT is available to certain locations in Australia (usually under $300).

We use Pet Pager for road transport (airconditioned / insured / multiple breaks) and Aero Pets for flight transport (Australia only).
Puppies Gold Coast Groodles for sale

Our Groodle Puppies Come

Vaccinated (1st shot)


Vet Health Checked

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Our Home

We are a registered breeder located in the hinterland of the Gold Coast (1 hour from Brisbane), surrounded with hills, valleys, creeks and abundant wildlife that keeps our dogs and puppies happy and entertained every day! We give our dogs, who are first and foremost our pets and part of our family, a lot of love, attention and a great diet based on natural and premium sourced dry food, occasionally complemented with fresh food for additional vitamins and minerals, such as eggs, chickpeas and sardines. We are also qualified energy healing practitioners and we spend a lot of time giving our dogs and their puppies energy and holistic treatments, which they love! We are not a large breeding business, so we can give our dogs all the attention and care they need. They live a beautiful and safe life on our acreage, and spend a lot of time with us and socialising with other dogs and humans. Their puppies also enjoy this lifestyle during their first few weeks, ensuring a great start in life.

The Parents

✔ Parents are DNA Tested For Genetic Diseases
The parents and pups are vaccinated, medicated against worms, fleas and ticks, and kept on a premium and healthy diet.
Puppies for sale Gold Coast
Teddy – Standard Poodle (Purebred - Apricot Colour)
Dad of Groodles (Poodle x Golden Retriever)
✔ DNA Tested For Genetic Diseases

Everyone is impressed by Teddy's stature, looks and health! He is an amazingly gentle soul with a beautiful and fluffy coat, and very clever too. He is a model of health, strength and vitality, and we hope that some of his personality will show up in his puppies too.
Puppies for sale Central Coast
Lucky – Miniature Poodle (Purebred - Red Colour)
Dad of Groodles
✔ DNA Tested For Genetic Diseases

Lucky has such a vibrant and playful personality. He loves cuddles and playing with his favourite ball. He is a model of health, strength and vitality, and we hope that some of his personality will show up in his puppies too.
Puppies for sale Gold Coast
Willow – Golden Retriever (Purebred - Golden Colour)
Mum of Groodles (Poodle x Golden Retriever)
✔ DNA Tested For Genetic Diseases

Willow has such a beautiful gentle and playful personality. She has a radiant soft and is always smiling. She is also very affectionate and loving, loves cuddling and adores her food. She is always curious and enjoys getting attention.
Puppies for sale Central Coast
Lara – Groodle (Golden / Cream Colour)
Mum of Groodles (Poodle x Groodle)
✔ DNA Tested For Genetic Diseases

Lara is such a gentle soul. She has an incredibly soft and fluffy coat, and spends most of her day with her best buddy Lexi. They tend to play all day and look for something new to smell and explore on the property.
Puppies for sale Gold Coast
Gold Coast Puppies

Groodle Puppies

We chose to breed Groodles for their amazing temperament, their low-shedding coat, their beautiful look and adorable personality.

Groodles have been bred for the main goal of human companionship and to make them extraordinary family pets. They most often have a low-shedding / hypoallergenic coat, they are easy-going and easy to train, very loyal, tend to love kids and, being a hybrid breed, they tend to be healthier and have less genetic conditions than pure breeds. Every week we hear of people who recently met a Groodle and now want to adopt one.

If you have the space (especially a large backyard), we most definitely recommend getting two puppies. They will entertain and keep each other company day and night, and will still love more than anything spending time with you and your family. Please feel free to discuss with us if you would like more information about raising two puppies together.

Recommended General Puppy Care Information:
General Care Information
Health Care Information
What to Buy for your Pup

Raising Groodles

• Groodles are very intelligent, gentle and affectionate in nature. They are the perfect family dog and are generally great with kids. Groodles respond very well to training and usually have a lower shedding, more allergy friendly coat.

• Groodle puppies can be much more energetic and cheeky when they are young before they settle down. Remember that they are ‘kids’ – they need help and guidance in order to become well-balanced in our human world.

• It is recommended to start basic training straight away. Some of the basic training knowledge is provided in website links on this page, and you can easily find much more detailed information online. We also recommend to attend a local puppy school, they are a lot of fun for both the puppies and their humans.

• Your Groodle puppy will require on-going vaccines and treatment for worms / ticks / fleas to stay healthy.

• Groodle puppies will obviously grow older and much bigger. This is important to keep in mind when considering getting a Groodle puppy.

• Groodles love walking and playing, and are not generally suitable for apartment living.

Pictures of our Previous Litter

Puppies for sale Gold Coast
Gold Coast Puppies
Groodle Puppies Central Coast
Groodle Puppies Central Coast
Groodle Puppies Central Coast
Groodle Puppies Gold Coast
Puppies for sale Gold Coast
Groodle Breeder Gold Coast
Puppies for sale Gold Coast
Groodle Puppies Gold Coast
Groodle Breeder Gold Coast

Health Guarantee & Terms

You will be required to sign our Health Guarantee & Terms document and provide additional contact details when you pick-up your puppy.

We have taken great care to make sure that your new puppy is healthy and shows no signs of infectious disease.

If a congenital condition or malformation is found within 48 hours of purchase and verified by the breeder's chosen vet, you will be entitled to return the puppy and receive a full refund within 48 hours of purchase. If the puppy should suffer from an infectious disease, either viral or bacterial, within 48 hours of purchase, you must contact us immediately. Treatment and medication costs recommended by the breeder's chosen vet will be covered by the breeder. This is limited to the original diagnosis made within 48 hours of purchase.

This health guarantee is limited to examinations and treatment performed by the breeder's chosen vet as they are our trusted and recommended pet health care provider. It is the new owner’s responsibility to seek professional veterinary advice about vaccination schedules, treatment, medication, feeding and all other aspects of caring for your new puppy.

Due to the risks of catching the parvo virus (which can be deadly to puppies), veterinarians recommend avoiding taking your puppy to public parks and other places where other dogs have been until they are fully vaccinated (around 12 weeks of age - to be discussed with your vet). This is very important.

If you require transport to be arranged for your puppy, you must email us for approval prior to making a deposit (please contact us only when deposits are open). In most cases, transport will need to be arranged and paid for by the buyer (the breeder will happily assist). The full cost of the puppy will need to be paid for and received prior to travel. Transport is arranged by an independent company and therefore the breeder takes no responsibility for their service. Should the puppy be transported more than 300km, this will void our health guarantee. However, we do our best to provide advice and assistance wherever possible.

Our puppies are NOT FOR BREEDING purposes and must be desexed by 12 months of age unless a waiver is granted (proof of desexing must be provided within 12 months of age or the puppy must be returned without compensation). This is to support government issued animal welfare initiatives and guidelines.

This health guarantee does not cover injury or any condition due to inappropriate handling, housing, feeding or health management by the buyer, including issues relating to ticks and fleas. The health of your puppy after 48 hours of purchase will be your responsibility. This will be the first time that your puppy has left their litter so it can be normal for puppies to feel a bit nervous and have running stools. Puppies may also shed their puppy coat before growing their adult coat.

This agreement does not cover changes to your personal circumstances, including change of mind, family allergies towards your puppy or if your body corporate / landlord does not allow you to keep the animal at your address. As with most living things, we are also unable to guarantee any traits of the puppy as it grows, including (but not limited to) look, size, temperament, coat, shedding, allergies etc. Deposits and payments are non-refundable under these same conditions.

Pick-up of puppies is arranged at a nearby public park for security and quarantine reasons as the pups are housed in the breeder's home. Pictures of the puppies' space and parents are available on the website. Please also note that, as part of our breeder registration, and to receive a breeding permit, the breeder's premises have been thoroughly inspected and a comprehensive breeders code of conduct is enforced. The buyer's contact details may be forwarded to the relevant pet registration authority and may be kept on a database for parent dog lineage records.

Requirements for potential buyers:
- Buyers must be over 18 years of age.
- Buyers must buy the puppy for themselves (puppies are not suitable for gifts without the recipient being aware).
- Buyers must not have been cautioned for or convicted of any breach of animal welfare law such as neglect, cruelty or abandonment.
- Buyers may be required to register their pet with their city council (please make sure to check this to avoid fines).
- Buyers must ensure to have suitable enclosures, housing and care equipment before buying a puppy.
- Buyers must ensure they have the long-term capacity to provide appropriate care, socialisation and exercise for the puppy / dog.
- Buyers accept to take all required steps to re-home their puppy / dog to a good home should unforeseen changes in their circumstances prevent them from being able to keep it. Puppies are not to be re-sold to shops.